Battlestar Trojans Easter Festival 2008
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Trojans Hockey Club
Stoneham Lane, Eastleigh, Hampshire SO50 9HT

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Battlestar Trojans Easter Festival 2008

This year's Easter tour saw yet another change of venue as the Hornets continued their southern touring schedule. Unfortunately Canterbury was full so the destination was to be Trojans Hockey Club in Southampton - former haunt of original Hornet Andy Potapa. The weather was the coldest ever - it hailed, rained and even snowed at one point - for an Easter tour and it certainly seemed to affect the results! No silverware this time around as the Hornets won the 11th/12th Play-off.

  • Mixed Pool 1: vs. Surbiton Strollers L1-2 (Singles)
  • Mixed Pool 1: vs. Kings Jedi L1-5 (Norris)
  • Mixed Pool 1: vs. Broadgate Big Bangers D3-3 (Wobbles, Tilley, Gemma)
  • Mixed Pool 1: vs. Cheaters 2 W5-3 (Wobbles x2, Ellie x2, Singles)
  • 11th vs 12th Play-Off: vs. Space Cadets W2-0 (Ellie, Wobbles)
But the Hornets have never been ones to concentrate as much on the pitch as in the bar - and this tour was no exception. Some great new additions to the squad helped the drinking remain very much the primary focus of the weekend... Next Easter is the big 10 year anniversay... preparations are already in place for a welcome return to the legendary (some might say 'Leg-End'ary) Bournemouth festival. Book your places early to avoid disappointment!

The tour squad was as follows: Mark Jones (GK), Simon Riley, Mike Selby, Wobbles, James Kirby, Jon Kirby, Scott McArdell, Gareth Norris, Ben Volpier, Neil French, Ellie Gardener, Aimee Tilley, Cat Dwyer, Posion Pang, Singles, Gemma Strachan & Linds McLaren. <<<

Team P W D L F A Dif Pts
Hornets 5 2 1 2 12 11 +1 7

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