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This section covers some of the general rules that are to be followed when on tour and a collection of some of the Hornets drinking games/rules.

General Rules / Drinking Rules

General Rules

Anyone can institute any of the following activities. Be warned though - anyone who makes a team call and it is not followed will incur a fine. All Tour Captain calls MUST be obeyed!

Tour Names: These should be used at all times whilst on tour.

Tour Shirts: These should be worn at all times, no matter how much Snakebite and Black is spilt on them. Failure to wear team kit at all times will incur a fine.

Team Strop: This may be carried out if an individual has a grievance, the whole team can then complain. Stropping involves throwing your stick on the floor swearing and complaining to the umpire - and indeed everyone else.

Team Hide: This can occur at any point in a game. When the call is made - all Hornets players should run off the pitch and hide in bushes, behind cars, in tents etc. Preferably you should come back and play once the opposition realise you have disappeared.

Stick Surfing: Essential ritual to be performed by all goal scorer's, stand on sticks whilst pretending to surf! The rest of the team should also join in.

Team Sit Down: Self explanatory! This should occur when any memeber of the team is considered to be involved in excessive dribbling.

Goalkeeping Duties: At any time any member of the squad WILL be called upon randomly to replace the regular goalies - watch out. Complaints will incur a fine!!! <<<

Drinking Rules

The following is of immense importance and should be obeyed at all times. As usual fines incurred for any mistakes etc.

Clock Hand Drinking: Hold your glass in your right hand from the hour to half past. Your glass should then swap hands for the remainder of the hour.

4 Full Fingers: This is not as rude as it sounds! Just requires all four fingers around the glass - no pinkie or perky (little fingers flapping about).

Thumb-master: There will be a thumb-master who will be elected at the commencement of each drinking session. (You have to put your thumb down when they do) - note also feeze-master, dancing-master, moonie-master, standing-on-your-chair-master etc, etc. In fact you could end up with a master of virtually anything!

Elbows: As with all drinking binges there is ABSOLUTELY NO FINGER POINTING ALLOWED! If you need to point please use your elbow or incur a fine. In addition elbows cannot be placed on the table to lean on. this will also incur a fine.

Grenade: There will be a person nominated as the grenade launcher. The person nominated as such can shout 'grenade' at any point. A fine is incurred by whoever is the last person to throw themselves onto the floor.

"Who's round is it?": The 'Round Rule' is an integral part of tour. Basically, this means that if, at anytime, someone asks who's round it is... it becomes their round immediately! Beware...

Vomiting: Once the vomiter has finished chucking it is their duty to PUBLICALLY ANNOUNCE that they have just barfed. Failure to do so will incur a fine!!! They are then awarded the life-jacket, which they are obliged to wear until the next person gives way! <<<

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