Guildford LadyBoys Festival 2012
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Guildford LadyBoys Mixed Festival
Guildford Hockey Club, Broadwater School,
Summers Road, Godalming, Surrey GU7 3BW

Tour Report

Guildford LadyBoys Tour Squad 2009

Another Guildford tour and a the organisers were taking a break... lots of matches were played - some won, some lost, maybe even some drawn but the fact is no-one cares and no-one took notes! However, there were some epic beer pong matches going on at the campsite!

The tour squad was as follows: Ellie (Gk), MJ, Camel, Ross, Neil, Oli, Hannah, Maddy, Pang, Susannah, Cat, Riley & Kiera. <<<

So, where's this hockey you keep talking about?
New baby Hornets - Fran & Hazel
Bex & Fran with Mike's body!
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