Guildford LadyBoys Festival 2010
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Guildford LadyBoys Mixed Festival
Guildford Hockey Club, Broadwater School,
Summers Road, Godalming, Surrey GU7 3BW

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Tour Report

Guildford LadyBoys Tour Squad 2009

Another Guildford tour and a complete back to the beginning approach for the Hornets. Drink first, play later. We were hammered and on the pitch... we were awful. But who cares! The bits that people remember were good the other bits... well... less memorable I guess! No Trophy and no placing in the Super Cup either but there is a level of latent awesomeness that even the Hornets can't help but achieve - so middle placing in the middle competition is the result... but in Hornets vs. Beer... the Hornets won, without question! The results from the weekend are below:

  • Mixed Pool: vs. Tourettes L0-1
  • Mixed Pool: vs. Flames W2-0 (Ellie, Riley)
  • Mixed Pool: vs. Jacko's Bitches D0-0
  • Mixed Pool: vs. Chester Old Boys W5-1 (Ben, Gemma, Riley, Jonny, Norris)
  • Mixed Pool: vs. G.I. Janes L0-1
  • Super Plate: R1 D0-0
  • Super Plate: R2 W2-1 (Ellie, Hogger)
  • Super Plate: R3 W2-0 (Jeff)
  • Super Plate: R4 W6-0 (Ellie x2, Luz x2, Gemma, Emma)

The tour squad was as follows: Nice Ellie (GK), George (GK), Little Benny, Camel, Fat Camel, French Riley (apparently not French, he argues this but then gives up... which is very French!), Big Nose Ross, LeEgypt, Fat Harry Potter, Albino Big Nose, MJ (c), Scarecrow Neil, Oscar, Hogger, Gem-Jams, Big Nose Han, Singles, Moody Ellie, Squiffy Linds, Luz, Newbie Kate Crotty & Emma Roscoe. <<<

Team P W D L F A Dif Pts
Hornets 9 5 2 2 18 4 +14 17

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