Guildford LadyBoys Festival 2008
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Guildford LadyBoys Mixed Festival
Guildford Hockey Club, Broadwater School,
Summers Road, Godalming, Surrey GU7 3BW

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Tour Report

Guildford LadyBoys Tour Squad 2008

A slight change in terms of outlook for the Hornets... instead of the recent spate of winning and success it was time to get back to basics and properly enjoy tour. Out the window went 'win at all costs' and in came 'time for more beers' to replace it. However, once again the Hornets were undefeated on day one and entered the Super Cup as favourites to retain the overall trophy - more based on the fact they had won it for the last two years as opposed to having impressed on the pitch. A much tougher Sunday - based more on hangovers and lethargy - saw the Hornets lose and draw the odd game which meant no trophy this year as they finished third instead. The results from the weekend are below:

  • Mixed Pool: vs. Chunder Cats W1-0 (Singles)
  • Mixed Pool: vs. Team Rubbish W1-0 (Ben)
  • Mixed Pool: vs. LadyBoy Development L3-4 (Singles, Nozza, James)
  • Mixed Pool: vs. Bonking Bunnies W2-0 (Cat, Nozza)
  • Mixed Pool: vs. Beastie Boys D1-1 (Ben)
  • Super Cup: vs. GI Janes D0-0
  • Super Cup: vs. Eye of the Tiger W1-0 (Singles)
  • Super Cup: vs. random team who went home moody instead of playing
  • Super Cup: vs. Bonking Bunnies L1-2 (Cat)
  • Super Cup: vs. LadyBoy Development D0-0

So the the virtual clubhouse is a little emptier than it once was! But success is not just measured in trophies this has to have been one of the most enjoyable tours for a number of years. Special mention has to go to the hardcore games of 21s on the Saturday night that both Gareth & Ross struggled with. The final numbers/changs are below... with a little bit of editing to keep them clean!

to my left 1
to my right 1,2
[name witheld]'s mum
glady ate
for money
but he asked for a refund
peter parker
bite me
Gareth loses again

And so on to Bath in a couple of weeks as the Hornets move ever closer to their 10yr anniversary.

The tour squad was as follows: Mark Jones (GK), George Sykes (GK), Neil French, Simon Riley, Will Kirby, James Kirby, Mike Selby, Ross McArdell, Ben Volpiere, Gareth Norris, Singles, Lindsey McLaren, Liz Bell, Ceilidh Walker, Ellie Gardner, Cat Dwyer & Nat Retallick. <<<

Team P W D L F A Dif Pts
Hornets 9 4 3 2 10 7 +3 15

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