Anglo-Dutch Super Hornets Tour - Gemert 2010
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HC Gemert
Sports Complex "Molenbroek", 12 Sportlaan 5421 SK Gemert

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Tour Report

SupercalifragilisticexpialiTrojans Easter Festival 2010

This year's Super Hornets was to Gemert near Eindhoven. A strange tour that seemed to result in virtually every team there trying to avoid playing any hockey whatsoever - not unlike the England football team, who while competing in the World Cup at the same time, also tried to avoid playing their sport of choice! The Hornets - as keen as ever - took on anyone who was actually willing to play. Perhaps it was their keenness, the lack of competition or the pure class but the Hornets found themselves in the final and duly dispatched the oppo to rock out as winners of the Gemert 2010 tour!

The tour squad was as follows:

Anglo: Gareth Norris (c), Jon Kirby, James Kirby, MJ, Shandy, Hogger.

Dutch: Emile, Kristel, Marieke, Else, Lieke Jacobs, Tess, Jo (Lidwien), Anouk, LadyGarden (Carleen). <<<

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