The idea of festival hockey is very different to a normal hockey competition. All festivals have bizarre rules and customs as do many of the teams involved. While festivals do have prizes and trophies to compete for only the very serious teams worry about trying to win them. Most teams just turn up to have a good laugh for the weekend and get very drunk - the Hornets are no exception to this.

Many of the Tours involve camping and some of the better ones occur over the Bank Holiday weekends. And of course these events happen all over the world. The Tours most often frequented by the Hornets are Bournemouth, Stratford-upon-Avon & Bath. Although plans are in the pipeline for the Hornets to go on a Tour abroad in the near future.

There are certain rules that hold true for most festival matches. The most important of these is the 'Festival Start'. This involves both teams starting from behind the goals. No-one can be on the pitch until one of the goalkeepers has touched the ball. As soon as the whistle is blown both goalies race up the pitch and kick the ball (and invariably take each other out). Once this has happened the game begins.

Players of all abilities are represented (and that is just within our club!), and we are always on the look out for more players... anyone interested, please get in touch. Basically festival hockey is about having fun - and a few beers!

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