Wouterland Toernooi 2009
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MHC Castricum
Van Haerlemlaan (Sportpark Wouterland), Castricum

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Tour Report

Wouterland Toernooi 2009

This year's Anglo-Dutch SuperHornets tour was in MHC Castricum. An 11-a-side tournament that seemed to focus much less on the hockey than it did on the drinking. By a bizarre twist of fate the Hornets ended up playing the Pakistan National Team! A credible 3-1 loss was recorded... not bad eh?

No results were recorded but many beers were drunk...

The tour squad was as follows:

Anglo: Mark Jones (GK), James Kirby, Jon Kirby, Gareth Norris, Ali Gordon, Scott McArdell & Hogger.

Dutch: Lieke Jacobs, Mel Visser, Tess, Jo (Liedje), LadyGarden (Carleen), Emile, Marieke & Kristel. <<<

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