Bournemouth 2009
Easter Festival Tour
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10th - 13th April

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Tour Report

Another Easter and another tour to Bournemouth - but nothing was commonplace about this tour. This tour marked the 10th year of the Hornets. Something that all those involved (however many of those years that may have been for!) could be very proud of. So this year's Easter Festival team - containing many veterans of the very first tour - wound back the years to revisit what has often been heralded as one of the most 'studenty' tours on the festival circuit. And no-one disappointed with what they saw although, while 10 years may have slowed down some of the squad both on and off the pitch, fortunately the festival had also calmed down a tad! That said, while there may not have been cars driven into the marquee dancefloor, the whole security a lot harsher than years gone by and the camping area a lot more formalised there was still the expected level of funnels, snakebite & nakedness one would expect from a Bournemouth Tour!

This year's squad comprised of: Mark Jones, Jon Kirby, Andy Potapa, Lee Snowdon, Gareth Norris, James Kirby, Mike Selby, Ben Volpiere, Catherine Dwyer, Ellie Gardner, Gemma Strachan, Singles & Natalia Anda.

It was, as expected, a brilliant tour but could it be the last Easter Tour for the Hornets. While there was talk of 'retiring' from Easter Festivals there was also a hunger for the next tour to hurry up and arrive. So Easter tour may well be on the cards in 2010.

After the weekends action the full results and scorers are shown below:

  • Mixed Pool: vs. OUHC 2 W4-0 (Norris x2, Singles, Jon)
  • Mixed Pool: vs. Durham W1-0 (Norris)
  • Mixed Pool: vs. C4 Tits W3-2 (Singles x2, Ellie)
  • Mixed Pool: vs. Smashville L0-1
  • Mixed Pool: vs. Warcats L0-3
  • Mixed Pool: vs. Barts & the London W7-2 (Singles x3, MJ x2, Norris, Snowy)
  • Mixed Pool: vs. Inspect Her Gadgets W4-2 (Norris x4)
  • Quarter Final : vs. OUHC 1 D1-1 (Singles) Lost on Penalty Flicks
Team P W D L F A Dif Pts
Hornets 8 5 1 2 20 11 +9 16

A good start to the 10th year with the Hornets securing a creditable quarter-finalist position in the first of the 2009 tours. Still a long summer ahead with both Guildford & Bath as well as the annual SuperHornets tour to Holland. <<<

Report 14-April-09

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