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Tour Report

Friday / Saturday / Sunday

Bath Hockey Festival 2005 - The team:
Tim Bailey (GK), MJ, Jonny Kirby, James Kirby, Mike Selby, Gareth Norris, Ross McArdell, Snowy, Yeng Ng, Victoria H, Cat Dwyer, Ellie Gardener, Hannah Browster, Melanie & Sam Withey. <<<

----- Friday -----

Other than the hard working potato, all hornets were gathered and ready for kick off fairly promptly this year. Once the drinking games had begun in the kitchen, as is the convenience of Bath Tour, we had soon shrugged off the weeks work in preparation for the night ahead. There were some popular and unpopular pairings where drinking partners where concerned, but I think perhaps swapping seats to avoid the less with-it participants, may be cheating.

This year, Bath Buccs has introduced a new venue for the Friday evening - The Sulis Club. There is little doubt this was largely due to the in-town riotous manner that had become rather traditional. So we donned our blood stream with pints of snakey b and jumped in the next available minibus.

Not quite the atmosphere we might have hoped for, but there was plenty of gallant debauchery, dance floor tomfoolery and hornet enthusiasm to see us through past midnight. Good old Norris finally arrived and even kindly shipped a not so small swarm back to camp in the ever-popular spud-mobile.

I wont pretend to remember any details, which is worrying as I've got two days of 'reporting' to get through. <<<

----- Saturday -----

With varying degrees of speed, we all managed to re-group the next morning for a very sensible time, and were bacon-sandwiched up and ready for game number one.

Astro: vs Leo Sayer Alldayers D0-0
First of all it was very clear that we had not had enough to drink the previous evening. Play was strong and the old team fell back into place after years of touring together. The opposition could have been beaten if we were to be honest with ourselves. But it was a happy draw with some great teamwork by the Bath City girls, the usual speed of a Dwyer on the left wing and the common casual ease of camel Kirby and McArdell.

As has become typical, a bit of shopping was due after the first game, followed by a bit of snake-bite and black for those who didn't already have one.

Grass: vs Sssssshhh D1-1
And so on to the grass pitch - this year waste deep in places. I think it is fair to say that we struggled, rather than thrived on this particular crop, but we matched the opposition's boisterous manner and gave it a light-hearted and more skilful edge.

When the opposition had been one up for just 5 minuets, Cat received a stunning pass (notice I can't remember who from) in the D, and equalised in style from the left post - a beauty! Mr Selby had an impressive half hour successfully feeding the ball through to Hannah on the right who I don't think lost a tackle the whole game. Unfortunately in the last minute however, Hannah went to proudly defend the Hornet D when she was clouted over the swede by a particularly ill-tempered and rough member of Ssssshhhh.

Once again thank goodness for ex-paramedic Melanie who soon had Hannah looking like a WW hero (see photo) and the pain was dulled I am sure by the prospect of what should be a cracking scar.

Following this particular incident I wandered up and down the pitch while the next game took place, swinging a whistle and watching the ball intently. You might be lead to believe from this description that I was umpiring - but you would be wrong.

Astro: vs Jaffas D2-2 (Ross, Cat)
We like the Jaffas. They are a bit like us - mixmatch of shirts from years of touring past, a handful of outstanding players amid the squad and a healthy attitude towards purple. They also showed us a good battle.

And now that the majority of us were back on the juice we had a fighting chance. Pingers, Jimbob and Melanie kept the game outside the D and with Mike and Egypt playing somewhere in the midfield we were able to maintain good possession. Ross scored in the early part of the game just to let the Jaffas know what we were about, but we were quickly 2-1 down. Once again Catherine had to show off with another pretty goal leaving the Hornets with their, more than satisfactory, 3rd draw of the day.

Saturday evening is all about dressing up in Bath and I wont deny being entirely useless on this front. I should have had more faith in my fellow team mates. Most of the boys made a superior effort - in particular Mr Jones and Mr Snowdon who looked decidedly devil like (if not a little camp with fish nets and long women's gloves).

As far as I can remember we played drinking games in the kitchen for quite some time, whilst our Bath City branch prepared a bit of grub. All I can tell you from here on is that the on-campus bar followed by club experienced a sufficiently purpled up team as we moved from venue to venue. There was much dancing, much spraying of snakey b and a very impressive till-the-bitter-end attitude from Ellie and Jimbob who did a grand job to catch up after their earlier desertion. <<<

----- Sunday -----

An early start saw a serious lack of attendees and the Hornets were forced to begin the day - against the home side & 2004 Champions - with only 7 players!

Grass: vs Bath Buccs 1s W1-0 (MJ)
I'm ashamed to say I missed the first game of the day. But well done Club Captain for giving us our only win of the weekend.

Astro: vs Bosburys L1-2 (Cat)
Back on the astro and Cat was still on fire, unfortunately the Bosburys managed to get in that second goal to beat us but the fight was not out of the Hornets, despite half the team beginning to sober up at this stage.

Grass: PLAYOFF: vs a team in Red Shirts L0-1
And unfortunately by our final game there were but a handful of effort-filled team members left. However the fight for 13th or 14th place hardly filled one with determination.

I apologise that I really have no recollection of play on this day; I fear that my youthful ability to recall alcohol related events is coming to an end.

The results were as follows:

Bath Tour








So congratulations to the Hornets for another memorable and enjoyable Bath tour. Thanks to everyone that came along and don't forget to sign up and pay for Stratford at the end of September.. <<<

Victoria H
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