Bath Festival 2004
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31st July - 01st August

Bath Mixed Festival
Bath Buccanneers Hockey Club
C/o University of Bath,

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Bath Hockey Festival 2004 - The team:
Tilley, Hannah, Pingers, Big Nose, Scott, Jon Camel, Jim, Singles, Cat, Victoria H, Norris Potter, Aido (and Brian), Captain Si and Snowy.

Please note that the voice of this report had neither the responsibility of playing hockey nor driving during the weekend, therefore events are pieced together from a drunken haze (or missing altogether). My apologies. <<<

----- Friday -----

The destination for Friday night was the Pultney Arms, who after the previous year were prepared for the chaos that is the Hornets. As many will remember, a year earlier, the team had to be forced into taxi's after repeatedly upsetting the neighbours and damaging pub property. We were decidedly better behaved this year with plenty of 'Hello John' and other such games being played in the yard, before moving gradually closer to the bar as the night wore on. Unfortunately I cannot remember exactly the events of the evening, but I know that 'The Mole' in town had some Hornet visitors that evening (really they should be punished for desertion). <<<

----- Saturday -----

After the luxury of Bath Uni student residence, we awoke fresh and ready for the games ahead. Not really - everyone looked like death, but the sun was shining and we knew that hockey must ensue.

1045 Old Bristolians L1-2
At a very reasonable time, we all assembled for our first game of the tournament. The sky was blue and it was incredibly hot, but a bigger hindrance was the pitch. It could only be described as uncut silage. Still the Hornets opening was threatening to say the least. At about 7 minutes Jon passed an impressive aerial to Aido who took on the entire defence to score the first goal of the weekend. Some say this was due to a little reshuffle of the team. Our goalie Aido now a centre forward and Spud playing midfield to give him a break from the posts. Jim was in goal for us this time, armed only with a helmet.

Sadly our secret brotherly weapons were frankly terrible on such a surface so we tried to keep at least one McArdell or Kirby off at one time. However Mr Riley put in some stunning tackles and Pingers had a blinding game. Despite their skills the opposition managed to squeeze in a couple before the whistle and the debaucheries of the previous evening showed in the defence.

Unfazed by an early loss, the Hornets shade bathed and hunted for food and beer in preparation for the next game.

1pm Shocking Sherbies W3-2
Now on their preferred surface, astro, the Hornets were not to be intimidated by the professional looking Sherbies. With a few beers inside them, top form returned and the formation was maintained from the first game. Again Aido struck within the first 10 minutes giving the Hornets an early lead. Despite the now oppressive temperature, Aido continued the attack and scored a second time, cleverly waiting for the goalie to hit the ground before bouncing the ball over him and into the goal.

The defence were on form, this time with Scott in goal. Hannah gave no opportunities to the black shirts and Tilley, James and Ross frustrated them well in the centre. Though battling well, some ferocious tackles from Tilley, they managed to score twice, evening the score to 2-2. In the final two minutes Cat had a cheeky run down the wing getting the ball to Norris, he then passed it to Si in the D! The goalie came out and Si crossed him with a stunning reverse stick smack into the goal, 30 seconds before the whistle.

A fine and deserved win under their belts, the Hornets quickly celebrated with a round of Snakey B to quench their thirsts.

3.15 Random Factor W2-1
Back on grass - this time a pitch complete with hills, bunkers and another crop of silage, the Hornets were on a role. Early in the game Norris passed to Cat who scored a cracker into the corner despite the deep angle. The ball flew over the bumps in a rather ping pong fashion from one team to the other, with plenty of golf style swings and divets. Aido back in goal defended well, letting just one slip in which was more than likely due to the distracting spectators. Hannah was nastily attacked in the D, but we were assured by her large nosed boyfriend that she would be alright! Riley also moved back to defence giving Tilley and Singles the field, along side Lee who's hockey style could only be described as terrier-like. Potter back up front, Snowy decided to attack the fictional character and steal his fine headwear. This did not help the game, but to no loss as Cat managed another fine goal from her home on the left wing, to finish the game in another win.

Just one more to go, the Hornets took advantage of an hour or so to re-hydrate some more, Lee kindly producing cold drinks from the house. (I can start to see the results of this in the notes I am reading).

4.45 Bath Old Gits W5-1
Now blind drunk and on astro, the hornets were at their best. Aido did not play well drunk so Brian was called upon using the usual chant. Ross knocked a couple in with the first half of the game, laying the way for some top hornet play. Although I missed it, I have been asked to report that Scott then followed his brother's lead by smacking a low reverse backhand into the top corner. Tilly also had a beautiful run from the 25 to score. Cat too kept challenging for top goal scorer, by impressively hitting a flicked ball within the D right into the back board. Hurling skills coming to use.

And from here it all goes uphill. No time is wasted, the hornets rush back to the house to change into their costumes for the night - yellow and black shirts. As is traditional we all headed to the kitchen in order to get some 'touch the cup' under our belts before moving on to the venue. We were able to wish Cat a happy birthday many many times, as well as calling on Brian, who I have my suspicions was already with us.

Jon was so eager to get to the bar that he managed to fall down a flight of stairs on his arse, whilst naked - at least he said that was why he was walking funny. I expect he would have been fine if his bottom wasn't so high.

Once the imported supplies of vodka, beer and cider had been polished off we headed off to a bar full of cartoon characters. I don't think they were very impressed at our own outfits, but I certainly know that Cat was not impressed with theirs (smurfs in particular) due to her aggression (Did somebody give her vodka?).

The girls soon got bored of 7's and 5's and were drawn to the calling of the shite music. In fact the DJ was so shite (again) that he didn't have Gold, nor most of the play list we had requested in advance. We never learn - next year a CD is going with us.

Many of the older hornets disappeared - the remaining few being left with the kitty. A foolish move. A true account of the evening can only come from each Hornet themselves as I think I must have gone home early - I can't remember anything else. <<<

----- Sunday -----

11.30 Nunc est Bibendum (now we must drink) W3-0
Still wasted, hornets appeared in drabs for the morning game on grass. But the reason everyone played so badly was that it was so excruciatingly hot. There was plenty of aerials, chipping and kicking from Riley in goal, despite the lack of kit. I have on record that we won 3-0, but have a feeling that this may be inaccurate.

After a game of giant, bouncy castle table football the Hornets headed off to a shady spot and waited for the final game of the weekend. The snakebite did not stop flowing and the mood was merry. All were merry but one - poor Potter could only watch as Scotty shinned up the nearest giant beech tree with his precious hat. The finest entertainment of the weekend ensued as Gareth repeated the climb to retrieve his love which, unknown to him, was still on the ground. Top marks for sportsmanship.

2.30 Newcastle Medics W7-4
Back on astro the Hornets were on fire, retaining 90% of the possession in the first half! Riley did a lovely controlled move through the defenders in the D to score an early smacker of a goal. Thirty seconds later, he did it again! Lee and Tilley swapped the responsibility of goalie and kindly let the kid on pitch score. But with no threat to the game as goals then game from Scott, Norris (2) and Aido (2). Did I mention that we had thirteen players on the pitch?

So after an uncertain start we had won five of the six games played proving without a doubt that drinking, and moving Mr Potter away from the posts, improves the game no end.

Pingers was selected to play in the festival game. It was now blisteringly hot so the Hornets sheltered in the beer tent to watch. That is we were supposed to be watching, but I am not convinced I can remember the details.

Unhappily, as the tent was dismantled around us, everyone ensured they new the way to the nearest Harvester, and we headed off for the last supper ritual, more fine memories of drinking and victory to take home. <<<

Victoria H
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