Bath Festival 2002
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02 - 04 August

Bath Mixed Festival
Bath Buccanneers Hockey Club
C/o University of Bath,

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Tour Report

Friday / Saturday / Sunday

Another tour weekend and quite a weird feeling of déjà vu. It was only a couple of months since the Hornets were in Bath for the Bournemouth Reunion weekend - still that just meant that everyone knew how to get there. well at least those who hadn't lost the directions or who had paid attention did!!!

The tour kicked off with some bad news - tour veteran and all round star (except in front of goal) Jon Kirby pulled out due to illness. Sad for Jon to miss out but at least one Hornet was leaping for joy as it meant the Gareth Norris' protracted wait on the sidelines as sub was switched to a playing role for every game.

So the squad for the Bath 2002 tour was as follows: Simon Riley, Aidan Brock, Gareth Norris, Mark Jones, Victoria H & Mel Clark. New Members: Jolyon Fallon, Durry Maule (Keeper), rolf, Melanie , Jess Robertson, Yeng Ng. No less than 6 debutants for this outing. all of whom proved themselves welcome additions to the squad. <<<

----- Friday -----

The whole squad - being split across the country - travelled separately down to Bath. With four members resident in Bath and three travelling down very early doors on the Saturday morning (due to work commitments) the journey down was less tour carnival and more of a chore than usual.

On arrival it was time to adjourn to the Local pub for a quick welcome drink. This pub could have been straight from the film "American Werewolf in London" complete with weird talking locals who stopped and stared once the 'interlopers' entered. still they served purple nasties and we had some locals with us to translate - thanks Melanie & Yeng. Although Yeng nearly didn't make it as she had been out circuit training for 24hrs.

After having ingratiated ourselves with the locals it was time to adjourn back to the nights accommodation. Of course rather than an early night to prepare for tommorrow's games it was a late night drunken Pictionary session. It has to be said that Jolyon's appalling attempt at drawing (that guy couldn't draw curtains or a bath!) left all in hysterics. However, it was Victoria H's confusion over a drawing of a flamingo that really caused the histronics. That coupled with a slight misunderstanding led to her being very confused about why a group of king heron's (sic. King Herod) or psycho storks were wandering around murdering babies on crucifixes.. ahhh all those Religious Education and Sunday School lessons finally find an application! <<<

----- Saturday -----

The team was up ridiculously early the next morning - especially those travelling down from London (although Mel Clark did make them late by oversleeping). Unfortunately due to a slight miscalculation the whole team arrived nearly two hours prior to the first game and before the registration desk was even set up. This wouldn't have been too bad but the bar wasn't opening before 11am! However, the time was not wasted as everyone collapsed on the floor and dozed of or threw hockey balls at each other.

And so - finally - the first game began at 11.30am. Wapping v Hornets D0-0. It was unfortunate that it was the first time these players had played together as the Hornets were clearly a class above Wapping - unfortunately they couldn't translate that onto the scoreboard. The scene was set in the first minute when a hospital pass by the opposition allowed Mark Jones to nip in a jab the ball away. The resulting run from him set up a goal scoring chance which begged to be passed to one of the many supporting players queuing up to slot it away - unfortunately Mark swiped at the ball and it harmlessly rolled over the back line. Other great chances fell to Simon Riley who shot wide as did rolf and, of course, Gareth Norris tried his party trick of the reverse low-backhand with an equal lack of success.

After a break of nearly 5 minutes it was time for match 2. Hornets v Bath Old Gits W2-1 (Simon, Gareth). This time around it all clicked. Some lovely short one touch passing lead to two well taken goals. Gareth's strike was made possible by a great pass by Mark after a good run up the wing but he still had it all to do as he committed the keeper, waltzed round him and then slotted home. Amazingly the next goal was also set up by skipper Mark Jones (hmmm drugs test ?) - a low shot was well smothered by the keeper but he managed to dig it out and - by more luck than judgment - flick it to Simon Riley who blasted it into the backboards.

1pm and time for the next game - this time it was a short hike over to the grass pitch. Hornets v Prior Park D1-1 (MJ). There was surely a vacancy in Bath for someone with lawnmower skills as this grass was knee deep - in fact at times the game had to be stopped while a search was launch for Hornet short-arse Melanie Clark. An unremarkable game and not one that had any memorable use of skill - it was back to the classic grass game of smack it as hard as you can and try and judge the dodgy bounce. Prior Park took the lead after committing a catalogue of stick tackles that weren't blown and spooning it into the goal. Mark Jones managed an equalizer towards the end of the game after an unselfish pass by Gareth. Although the amount of chances missed by the Hornets meant that this was really a potential win that slipped away.

The next game and the first loss of the tournament. Unrealistic dreams of supremacy were shattered. In a very one sided game that was clearly influenced by a lack of fitness and an over indulgence in alcohol saw the Hornets lose by two goals. Captain Hook's Crew v Hornets L0-2. Although credit has to go to Jess Robertson & Melanie for keeping this scoreline respectable.

Last game of the day and it was back in the jungle. 3M proving that they were clearly better at playing in such pants conditions and, more likely, that they had spent a lot less time in the bar. Although, as usual, Mel Clark proved to be the Hornets star player once the team was consigned to playing on grass. 3M v Hornets L2-0.

With the games at an end for the day it was off to check into the accommodation - the first time most of the players had been in Halls of Residence for many years (the whole weekend was held at the University of Bath's sports village). The main problem was that someone had decided to put a building site in between the pitches and the Halls - still that would be fun negotiating that drunk later on.

The team adjourned to the bar - all-resplendent in team shirts as per tradition. Some very strange looks were given but that was by the Open University students that were on a residential study weekend at the same time. They are one seriously weird group of people - or maybe it is just the area!

Jolyon Fallon - tour virgin - introduced a new drinking game called "grenade". A grenade thrower is appointed and they can at any time call an incoming grenade. The last person to throw themselves onto the floor to avoid the shrapnel has to down their pint. A quality game that fitted brilliantly into the drinking games repertoire. and more importantly freaked out all the other people not part of the Hornets!!!

A few shandies later (honest!) it was time to move onto the Uni nightclub - imaginatively christened "The Venue". A classic cheesy night that saw the Hornets 'take-over' the stage and, perhaps more worrying, take off their shirts while dancing. In defence it was very warm and it was only the boys. The only down-side was that the resident DJ didn't have 'Gold' by Spandau Ballet - clearly an amateur. although maybe it hasn't be released down in the South-West yet!!! Plus - much to her relief - Jess managed to avoid being snogged by any girls for the whole night. phewww!

About 2am it was finally time to wander back and crash out. Sadly for Aidan Brock it was before he made it to his own room. As a result he awoke the next morning have been drawn on by Gareth, Victoria H and Melanie. <<<

----- Sunday -----

Another early morning - despite the first match being at 11am. The team had to hunt down a McDonald's for breakfast. However, the excesses of the previous day had clearly caught up with some members as both Gareth & Jess had a deserved lie-in. Shame that it extended past the first game. Still Yeng managed to 'persuade' some random bloke to play in their absence - god knows what she promised.

Clearly the success (in Hornets' terms) of the previous day had gone to a few players heads as they rushed to the hockey shop to stock up on new equipment ready for the day's matches. After consulting the rather serious sales assistant both Victoria H & Jolyon walked away with new Tk1 sticks.

Somebody v Hornets W1-0 (Simon PF). This game had Sunday morning written all over it. Although, Victoria H was one of the players who managed to get it together and play a good game - must have been the new stick!!! With seconds on the clock a rather dubious short corner was awarded from a marginally shocking stick tackle in the 25. The resulting short corner routine - which was rubbish - saw an even more dubious penalty flick awarded. As he lives for these moments Simon Riley was picked to take it and he duly converted as the full time whistle was blown. Dubious or not it goes down as a win!

12.30pm and the grudge match comes up. Well sort of! Bath (pretend) Hornets v Hornets L0-1 (Jolyon OG). Bath had rather distressingly called one of their teams Hornets and the Anglia lot were seething to prove their superiority - that combined with Melanie & Yeng Ng upping their game against local rivals saw the 'real' Hornets dominate. Unfortunately our lack of killer instinct - or ability to score (both Gareth & Simon missed a sack load) - saw Bath win with a solitary goal. A rather poor shot that Durry had well covered until Jolyon freakishly miscontrolled and deflected it past him. OOOooppps!

Norfolk N Chance v Hornets W0-1 (Yeng). And so it was back to the quality of another grass match. More route one hockey bypassing the midfield saw Simon receive a pass in the D from Aidan in the other D. No-one in the county could have failed to hear Yeng calling (screeching) for the ball at the back post. The pass was duly made and was as much swept into the goal as it happened to bobble up and bounce in off her stick. Still a goal though and another win for the Hornets. mind you Norfolk did confess to having lost every game all weekend and with the quality of hockey played it was more of a pyhrric victory.

Hornets v Goblins L1-3 (Gareth). The Hornets took an early lead with a brilliant (as much as it is painful to say) reverse low backhand shot from Gareth which was unsaveable. rolf also nearly scored form a couple of short corners. That said, the Hornets were badly punished on the break. Everyone was tired and in pain. every minute felt like game 99 rather than game 9. Problem was that the final game of the tournament was against the only team that were undefeated all weekend - oh yes, and were runaway winners of the tournament!

The last game. only 25minutes and everyone could put down their sticks and collapse. London Edwardians v Hornets D1-1 (Simon). Although this turned out to be one of the most monumental games all weekend. The Hornets surprisingly took the lead with a brilliant one-touch move. Aidan to Mark to Gareth who played an equisite one touch pass to Simon who then completed a quick 1-2 with Rolf. Simon then duly larapped it into the net past their helpless and somewhat amazed keeper. This triggered an onslaught from London Edwardians that was repelled time and time again by brilliant keeping by Durry plus quality last ditch defending by Jess Robertson & Aidan Brock. They did manage to equalize but a draw was a very respectable, if not a bit lucky result.

Although there was no silverware for the Hornets - indeed there appeared to be no silverware at all - it was gratifying to note that the Hornets were voted joint second 'Team of the Festival'. Not bad, especially as everyone missed the Friday night part of the festival.

As for the results, they speak for themselves:

Team P W D L F A Dif Pts
Hornets 10 3 3 4 7 11 -4 24

Goals: Simon Riley (3), Gareth Norris (2), Mark Jones, Yeng Ng.
A very successful tour and probably the best results the Hornets have ever got on tour! Definitely a tour to add to the program, the Hornets will be back next year and this time 'Team of the Festival' will be ours. oh yes, it WILL be ours. Thanks to all those who took part & congratulations on the brilliant results. <<<


Bath Tour Gallery

A photo gallery from the Bath Tour 2002.

Bath Tour team photo Photo 1
The Team for the Bath Tour. Back row (L-R) Gareth Norris, Aidan Brock, Simon Riley, Mark Jones, Jolyon Fallon. Front row (L-R) Yeng Ng, Victoria H, Melanie , Jess Robertson, Mel Clark & Goalie Durry Maule. <<<
Jolyon, Gareth & MJ
Photo 2
Jolyon Fallon, Gareth & MJ giving it the large on the dancefloor. Closer inspection will reveal the rather cool 'fake' straw microphone behind Mark's ear. <<<
Hornets in The Venue @ Bath Uni
Photo 3
The team in the Venue @ Bath Uni - where the DJ doesn't have 'Gold'. Those posing in the photo include rolf, Simon Riley, Victoria H, Gareth Norris, Mel Clark, Aidan Brock, Melanie , Jolyon Fallon and MJ. Where is Yeng ? <<<

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