Prevous Anglia Hornets HC squad players who have now retired for one reason or another.

Male Alumni

Photo Details Photo Details
Dougal Davis Name: Dougal Davis
Nickname: Moses
DOB: 08-Apr-72
Position: Right Half
Squad Number: 25
Club: Tulse Hill & Dulwich HC
Ryan Matthews Name: Ryan Matthews
Nickname: Princess
Position: Anywhere
Squad Number: 18
Oli Drury Name: Oli Drury
Nickname: Fat Eric / Funnel Boy
DOB: 26-Jan-77
Position: Sweeper / Goalkeeper
Ross Furmedge Name: Ross Furmedge
Nickname: Secret boy
DOB: 13-Dec-78
Position: Center Back
Tom Younger Name: Tom Younger
Nickname: Oddball
DOB: 07-Aug-78
Position: Utility!!
Joost Kerckhaert Name: Joost Kerckhaert
Nickname: Super-Beaker
DOB: 18-Sep-81
Position: Left Half
Nick McKie Name: Nick McKie
Nickname: Passion Fruit
DOB: 07-Nov-77
Position: GoalKeeper
Joe Name: Joe
Nickname: Deserter
DOB: 01-Mar-79
Position: Right Wing
Squad Number: 3
Lee Tearle Name: Lee Tearle
Nickname: Dark Horse
DOB: Witheld
Position: Goalie
Squad Number: 17
Club: Tulse Hill & Dulwich HC
Simon Newell Name: Simon Newell
Nickname: Mule
DOB: 28-Jun-77
Position: Left Back
Squad Number: 13
Andy Gaut Name: Andy Gaut
Position: Goalkeeper
Squad Number: N/a
Club: Cambridge City HC
Durry Maule Name: Durry Maule
Nickname: Cyclops
Position: Goalkeeper
Club: City of Bath HC

Female Alumni

Photo Details Photo Details
Cate Lyall Name: Cate Lyall
Nickname: Compli'cate'
DOB: 15-Jul-78
Position: Left Wing
Abi Lord Name: Abigail Woods
Nickname: Grounded
DOB: 09-Nov-77
Position: Sweeper
Esther Van Voorst Name: Esther Van Voorst
Nickname: Van Chop
DOB: 14-Aug-80
Position: Center Forward
Squad Number : 14
Kate Read Name: Kate Read
Nickname: Extra'kate' / Daffy
Position: Center Forward
Sam Egger Name: Sam Egger
Nickname: Worzel
DOB: 20-May-81
Position: Right Back
Sabine Lachtrop Name: Sabine Lachtrop
Nickname: Cuckoo
DOB: 26-Apr-79
Position: Center Half
Club: Uhlenhorster HC
Lorna Watson Name: Lorna Watson
Nickname: Flymo
DOB: 30-Mar-81
Position: Goalkeeper
Squad Number: 1
Jenny Haywood Name: Jenny Haywood
Position: Winger
Squad Number: 8
Claire Whitehead Name: Claire Whitehead
DOB: 06-March-73
Position: Striker
Squad Number: 9
Club: Tulse Hill & Dulwich HC
Julie Winford Name: Julie Winford
Nickname: Boba Fette
DOB: 12-Apr-79
Position: Left Back
Squad Number: 16
Suzy Abbott Name: Suzy Abbott
Nickname: Wallop
DOB: 07-Jul-76
Position: Right Back
Squad Number: 14
Victoria Streatfeild Name: Victoria Streatfeild
Nickname: Dirty Sanchez
DOB: 06-Aug-78
Position: Goalkeeper
Squad Number: 21
Club: The WackDaddies HC
Melanie Clark Name: Melanie Clark
Nickname: CockSmurf
DOB: 26-Nov-75
Position: Right Half
Squad Number: 12 & 14
Club: Tulse Hill & Dulwich HC
Victoria H Name: Victoria H
Nickname: Jublees
DOB: 18-Apr-78
Position: Left Half
Squad Number: 11
Club: Old Bristolians HC
Joanna Lee Name: Jo Lee
DOB: 30-Dec-80
Position: Right Half
Squad Number: 19
Club: PHC Chiswick
Nicole Yost Name: Nicole Yost
Position: Defender
Squad Number: 2
Club: Tulse Hill & Dulwich HC
Hazel Wordley Name: Hazel Wordley
Nickname: Ralf / Dutch Ambassador
DOB: 23-Oct-86
Position: Midfield
Squad Number: 28
Club: Malden & Little Baddow HC
Fran Root Name: Fran Root
Nickname: Munchkin
DOB: 04-Feb-87
Position: Forward
Squad Number: 25
Club: Malden & Little Baddow HC
Emma Holland Name: Emma Holland
DOB: 25-Oct-76
Position: Half
Squad Number: tbc
Club: Old Bristolians HC
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