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Pre-Tour Social down Chicagos in Cambridge Photo 1
A photo from the pre-tour social at Chicago's in Cambridge. From Left to Right: Lorna Watson, Esther van Voorst (hidden), Andy Hurst, Jon Kirby, Will Bosman and Beaker at the front. <<<
More Pre-Tour socialising
Photo 2
Another pre-tour social photo. The two dutch Wills and Shandy(?) in between.<<<
Esther van Voorst with a cut head and Will Bosman
Photo 3
Esther with a cut head after Will (left) hit her with a beer can! Accidental apparently. These Dutch people are always very clumsy!<<<
Shandy being a nob
Photo 4
Shandy (named after his favourite drink) proving to all that when he does actually get pissed he behaves like a pillock!.<<<
The Men's team straight after promotion Photo 5
The Men's team straight after their promotion winning match - March 2000. They are all standing in the opposite goal to the one where the winning goal was scored, everyone got too emotional for it too be taken in that goal!?!<<<
Jon - The Man with a face like a Camel
Photo 6
Here is a picture of Jon Kirby looking like a camel... this is how he got his nickname... since changed to 'Private Camel' due to his army style haircuts!!!<<<
Joost aka Super-Beaker Photo 7
Here is a picture of Joost - or Beaker as he is more commonly known. A lively character that induces the shout of 'mi mi mi mi mi mi mi' where-ever he goes. Now called 'Super-Beaker' after playing a blinder once!<<<
Dutch Boys in Sex Cubicle Shocker
Photo 8
The Dutch boys all squashing themselves into a small cubicle!! We all know about that sort of thing - Amsterdam is full of it! Willem Dijckmeester, Will Bosman & Reinout Reinout.<<<
Last year's tour with the Leg-ends Photo 9
A photo from the 1999 Bournemouth Tour with the Leg-ends. The last night of tour - time about 1.30am in the Fez Club, Cambridge .Those actually visible: Mark Jones, Dougal Davis, Sabine Lachtrop, Joe Panter, Tom Younger, Suzy Abbott & Jennie Stafford.<<<

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