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Apr-13 - Folkestone tour sees one new face!
Another girl joins the ranks of the Hornets... this time Jess Beach dons the famous yellow & black.

Maddy Beaumont
Jess Beach

Apr-12 - Easter goes old skool back at Folkestone so the Hornets recruit young blood!
So the addition of two random doris' swell's the ranks further. Just don't ever ask them to act like gangsters or dress like Cleopatra... it's just embarrassing!

Maddy Beaumont Ruth McDonaugh
Maddy Beaumont
Ruth McDonaugh

Jul-11 - More Hornets pile into the ranks to swell the number for Guildford!
With Guildford looming, the legendary tour antics have resulted in more requests to join. So bolstering the membership of the Hornets are Felicity Langley from Tulse Hill & Dulwich HC, Ed Lucas from City of Bath HC & Kiera Goymour (formerly of Nottingham Trent Uni Hockey Team).

Felicity Langley Ed Lucas Kiera Goymour
Felicity Langley
Ed Lucas
Kiera Goymour

Apr-11 - Another increase in Hornets as the club prepares to go on Easter Tour!
As the team prepares to go on tour at Easter, the ranks have swollen yet again with the addition of Helen McGuinness & Oli Clark from Tulse Hill & Dulwich HC.

Oli Clark Helen McGuinness
Oli Clark
Helen McGuinness

Jul-10 - More Hornets join as the club goes through a year of expansion!
Yet more Hornets join as the expansion continues. The latest to join are Helen Fermor & Hattie Warren from Tulse Hill & Dulwich HC.

Helen Fermor Hattie Warren
Helen Fermor
Hattie Warren

Jul-10 - Hornets to take largest EVER team on tour!
Following on from the success of the Easter Tour to Southampton and the foreign fun of the Super Hornets Tour to Gemert, the Hornets announce their largest ever tour squad for a single team tour. Twenty one players will be off to Guildford in July to compete in the LadyBoys festival in the hope to add a third title to the two tournament wins already recorded on this tour. In addtion to this the Hornets welcome Kate Crotty to their ranks for the first time.

Ellie Johnston
Kate Crotty

Apr-10 - Hornets continue to grow with six new players to join at Easter!
As the Hornets move into their 11th year the ranks continue to swell. With many of the regular squad away skiing for Easter, a new crop of players were needed in order to field a team at the Trojans HC Easter Festival in Southampton. Joining the ranks are Ellie Johnston, Susannah Yorke, Catriona Bryden & Neil Hellard from Tulse Hill & Dulwich HC, plus Oscar Webb from City of Bath HC and Emma Roscoe.

Ellie Johnston Neil Hellard Catriona Byrden Susannah Yorke Emma Roscoe Oscar Webb
Ellie Johnston
Neil Hellard
Catriona Byrden
Susannah Yorke
Emma Roscoe
Oscar Webb

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